Why the Name?

As I explored options for a name, I wanted something that reflected the photos I capture, who I am and the colorful world that I awake to each new day.
I love mustard. 
I love eating mustard, wearing [the color] mustard, decorating with [the color] mustard...and I love photographing all things mustard[colored.]

But more than just a love for mustard literally, the Biblical story of the mustard seed is one of my favorites. The cherry on top, the mortar that connected each of my ideas to the next, lies in the fact that a mustard tree does not exist.

*A mustard seed grows into a small bush, not nearly a shade tree, as is indicated in the parable.

That to me is eclectic, unpredictable ... perfect.

I offer playful sessions resulting in real photos of you and your family.
Come join me but don't forget to bring with you what you love most, be it your husband, your dog, your guitar, or your baby doll.

Welcome to Mustard Tree Photography!

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