Monday, November 28, 2011

Autumn has Arrived

Remember, Ben and Becca's maternity shoot? Their wee one has arrived!

Meet Baby Autumn Anna-Lea at just 8 days old...

Autumn wasn't too keen on being anywhere but her mama's or daddy's arms, so convincing this little one to be propped into the classic newborn poses that her mama loves so much was a challenge!

Ben and Becca, congratulations yet again! 
What a beautiful little family God has blessed you with!
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One Foggy Sunday Morning...

Meet my everyday models, Brian, Tess and Co. 
Thanks, Guys, for this foggy, chilly, and sentimental [pre-church] shoot.

They showed up for their shoot with a few of their favorite things in hand...

In staying true to tradition...
Brian, Tess, SydniSue and Kolter, YOU ARE LOVED!!!
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Hem Fam and The Red Velvet Couch

This year I wanted to offer my mom a more colorful/interesting/outside-of-the-box alternative to Christmas card photos. 

My Goal: to embrace the craziness that is our family's current reality. (Rather than try to paint a perfect-children-sitting-perfectly kind of picture.)

I wanted to capture my fam in such a way that said we are fun, we are crazy, we aren't perfect but we are a real. Because let's be honest, despite the incredible cuteness of my nephews and nieces, they are still kids; kids who would far rather play, talk, jump and dance than be asked to sit quietly in front of a camera for any period of time.
I talked the owner of a nearby thrift store into renting me a couch for a half hour. We used the overhead doors of a car mechanic shop as our backdrop, the couch as our prized prop and Wa-La, here you have the end result... Oh, and I broke out big lollipops to make the kiddo's mouths water, hands stick and eyes sparkle a little brighter!

We've got 'tude.

We're all kids, whether in reality or at heart.

We love laughter.

We appear epic [while calling in our pizza order...]

Our Nana is loved! [and beautiful!]
Our littles are dashing, even with sucker remnants all over their face and hands.
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