Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Hem Fam and The Red Velvet Couch

This year I wanted to offer my mom a more colorful/interesting/outside-of-the-box alternative to Christmas card photos. 

My Goal: to embrace the craziness that is our family's current reality. (Rather than try to paint a perfect-children-sitting-perfectly kind of picture.)

I wanted to capture my fam in such a way that said we are fun, we are crazy, we aren't perfect but we are a real. Because let's be honest, despite the incredible cuteness of my nephews and nieces, they are still kids; kids who would far rather play, talk, jump and dance than be asked to sit quietly in front of a camera for any period of time.
I talked the owner of a nearby thrift store into renting me a couch for a half hour. We used the overhead doors of a car mechanic shop as our backdrop, the couch as our prized prop and Wa-La, here you have the end result... Oh, and I broke out big lollipops to make the kiddo's mouths water, hands stick and eyes sparkle a little brighter!

We've got 'tude.

We're all kids, whether in reality or at heart.

We love laughter.

We appear epic [while calling in our pizza order...]

Our Nana is loved! [and beautiful!]
Our littles are dashing, even with sucker remnants all over their face and hands.
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  1. Thanks for capturing beauty (and making some of us look better than we actually do)